Sussex County New Jersey cemeteries,
Frankford Plains Cemetery
100 Plains Road
Augusta, New Jersey 07822

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Frankford Plains Cemetery

Frankford Plains Cemetery is located in beautiful, central Sussex County, New Jersey.

We have been operating as a non-denominational cemetery for generations and strive to provide personalized, caring service in a peaceful, dignified setting. Frankford Plains Cemetery has been serving the people of Sussex County for over 200 years and is the final resting place of several veterans of the Revolutionary War.

We work closely with family members and funeral homes to ensure that their wishes for the burial, as well as friends’ and family members’ subsequent visits, will be met.

Gravesites are available and we will be pleased to answer your questions as well as provide additional information such as purchase price, etc.

Contact us by email or call  973-271-3469. We look forward to hearing from you.

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